View from The Cove at Tiburon

ArtPush has been organizing artists for local businesses for over 5 years. 

No commission, just a small holding fee of $25.

About The Cove at Tiburon:
The Cove at Tiburon, gallery opening is located right on the waterfront of Richardson Bay in the Sunset Lounge. Complimentary beverages, snacks, live music and beautiful art!

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*Holding fees go directly to non-profit 

2023 Artist Call:

  1. Call for art is open to all bay area artists.
  2. Artwork must be original. No prints.
  3. Artwork rotates every 2 months.
    Jan/Feb, March/April, May/June, Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec.
  4. Work will be shown in group show with 2 or more artists.
  5. Artists can submit up to 5 pieces.
  6. Artists must be present at the opening reception.
  7. Work must be “Gallery Ready”.  If you are not sure how to prepare your work, Google it, there are a ton of great how-to videos.  Work not properly prepared, will not be allowed on the wall.
  8. ArtPush curates, hangs and pulls this show.
  9. ArtPush will handle selling and collecting money for all art sales.
  10. ArtPush will notify you when it is time to drop-off/pick-up artwork.
  11. Artwork will be dropped off and picked up at Studio 23 in Alameda, Ca.
  12. Follow the instructions below on how to submit your work via email.
View of the gallery location at The Cove.

—General Email Submission Example—
Emailed Submission Guidelines

Email To: [email protected]

Email Subject: “Cove-Art-Submission”
Please use this in your email’s subject.  If you submitted and have not heard back feel free to reach out to us.  Sometimes emails get lost or archived into spam. Using our suggested subject as your email’s subject line will help ensure that it actually reaches us.

Note: Due to the high number of submissions we receive for shows we do not always reply to every entry.  We appreciate your entry and your efforts.  We will do our best to reach out to every artist personally.  If you have not heard from us after submitting and have concerns that your entry was missed please email us to check on the status.

Email Content: What the email submission content should look like.

Submission #1
Title: Red Balloon
Artist: Jessica Warren
Media: Ink
Price: $150
Size: 11×14

—Naming your files for emailed submissions — 
Properly naming your files allows for us to archive and reference your image more quickly.   Artists name first, no spaces, no special characters. Dashes and underscores are ok and help the file name read more clearly. See Digital File Specs.

Digital File Specs (aka your emailed submissions)
For each piece you would like to submit please include: ‘Artist’, ‘Title’ and ‘Size’  & ‘Price’ directly in the file name when saving your image.
Example:  HailyCopter-FlowerStudy-11×14-85.jpg

Note: Digital (emailed) submissions should remain 72dpi and approximately under 8×10 in size, please do not send GIANT files, try to keep them under 3MB each. A standard digital photo from a smart phone is usually around this size. (.jpg format please.)

If your work has been accepted…

  1. Do not forget your form and tags. No work will be shown without the completed form and tags.
  2. Forms can be signed, photographed and emailed back to [email protected]
  3. Administration & Holding Fee: $25. To be paid only after you have been confirmed by ArtPush. 
    *Your $25 Holding fees go directly to non-profit to support art in your community.
  4. Holding fees must be paid 2 months before your scheduled show. (or earlier)
  5. No commission is taken.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]