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ArtPush has been organizing artists for local businesses for over 5 years.  No commission, just a small holding fee of $25 per wall. *Holding fee goes directly to non-profit 

Fireside Lounge: | 1453 Webster St, Alameda, CA 94501 | (510) 864-1244

Need To Know | Wall Space | Fees | How To Hang | Selling Work | Artist Reception | Marketing | Perks | Art Organizations

Need To Know: Please carefully read this full page.

  1. Artwork rotates every 2 months.
  2. There are 3 walls at Fireside.  Each wall is $25.  Accommodation is first come first serve.
  3. Walls #1 & #2 are hammer and nail method. Wall #3 is hook and wire. Make sure your work is properly prepared.
  4. Artists and/or art organizations are responsible for hanging and pulling down their own artwork.   ArtPush will notify you when it is time to hang/pull.
  5. Bring a hanging kit. Ask a staff member for a step stool or ladder if needed.
  6. Work must be “Gallery Ready”.  If you are not sure how to prepare your work, Google it, there are a ton of great how-to videos.  Work not properly prepared, will not be allowed on the wall.
  7. Administration & Holding Fee: $25. To be paid only after you have been confirmed by ArtPush. *Your $25 Holding fees go directly to non-profit to support art in your community.
  8. Follow these instructions on how to submit your work via email to Fireside for acceptance.
  9. The artist is in charge of selling and collecting money for their own art.

Fireside Wall Spaces, #1, #2 & #3

WALL #1 FRONT LEFT SIDE – HAMMER & NAIL APPROX 20×4 $25 per wall, no commission.
WALL#2 BACK LEFT SIDE – HAMMER & NAIL APPROX 18×4 $25 per wall, no commission.
WALL#3 BACK RIGHT SIDE -HOOK & WIRE APPROX 12×6, $25 per wall. No commission.

Holding Fees Explained

The holding fee is an investment towards your space, a commitment that you will indeed show with us on the months you agree to.  It takes time to find and coordinate artists.  If we have someone drop out, it takes even more time to try to scramble to find a replacement.

The holding fee pays for the time ArtPush puts into promoting the original Call For Art, website maintenance, managing calendars and spreadsheets.  In addition we often help promote the location, the artist and the event.  See more details regarding this specifically below.

Financial Aid Is Available

If the $25 fee makes showing your work impossible, please feel free to discuss this with us so we can work something out with you. No one is turned away due to lack of funds.

*Your $25 Holding fees go directly to non-profit to support art in your community.

Hanging Fee due date: 2 Months prior to your confirmed show.  Payable via Paypal or Venmo, you will receive this information after your work has been approved.

What you will need to bring with you to hang:

  • Please be sure to bring your own hanging supplies.
  • Signed Artist Agreement Form.  Drop-off with work or email this to [email protected]
    * If dropping off, give this to someone at the bar to pass on to ArtPush and/or Sandy.
  • Framed and/or printed bio to hang with work.
  • Painting Information Tags that go with each individual piece.
  • How To Purchase This Art Sign.  Sell your work right on the spot!  Feel free to put your venmo or paypal information and/or your cell phone directly on your bio & tags.  Please bring in new art to replace any sold work.

Hanging Your Work

  • Always align the tops of your work and keep spacing in-between the work equal. 
  • Place your artist tag to the bottom right corner of your frame/art.
  • Make sure your bio and payment information is placed in a highly visible area.
  • Do not forget your signed waiver and tags. Once approved, Follow Instructions to complete forms and tags.
* Keep spacing between work even
Keep artist tags to the bottom right corner.
* Keep Artist Tags to bottom right corner
Artist tags should include: Title, Arist Name, Medium, Price & Venmo/Cellphone number.
* Keep your artist bio and payment information highly visible.
* Example #1 of an artist’s payment information
* Example #2 of an artist’s payment information

Selling Your Work

It is the artist’s/Organization’s job to sell their own work.  Be sure to have your proper contact and payment information on the wall.  Artist’s can choose to allow someone to take it with them if they’ve paid, but do not leave a blank spot on the wall.  Be sure to replace your sold piece asap.  Work sells better if you do it on the spot, if someone is interested don’t wait.  However this is just a suggestion, artist’s can arrange to meet a client in person.  When arranging a sale over the phone and/or email, feel free to use the following method.

1. Put your phone number up on your artist tags and bio that accompany your work.
2. Put your Paypal email, Venmo info (or w/e $ src you use) on your price tags and bio.
3. Once a client’s payment has gone through allow them to remove your work to take home on-the-spot.


* Example #1 of an artist’s payment information
* Example #2 of an artist’s payment information

Important Notes:

  • You can arrange the entire sale over your cell phone, do not allow the patron to take the work until you see the payment has cleared!
  • Please come in asap to replace the empty spot.
  • Fireside Lounge, Studio 23 & ArtPush are not responsible for stolen or damaged property.

Opening Reception: ( Optional) Fireside Lounge encourages artists to have an opening reception.  The artist and/or business is in charge of putting it together. For special requests, be sure to clear it with Fireside Lounge first.  DO NOT bring any drinks or booz! Doing so  competes with Fireside Lounge sales. For better turn-out results, be sure to coordinate with other artists that are hanging with you to create an opening together. (This is not required)

Once you have the date(s) confirmed you can request Fireside Lounge to post your event on their website.  You can also send it to Studio 23 & ArtPush for additional help with promotion.

Best of luck and have a great exhibit!

Marketing your work: Optional, but recommended

  • Be sure to use social media to market your work.
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumbler are just a few locations to promote your exhibit. #alamedaartists #Firesidelounge #eastbayart  #ArtPush #ArtPushOrg
  • If you have an opening, (after you have coordinated dates with Fireside) create an official event page using Facebook and invite all of your friends through the event page’s invite button.
  • Ask The Fireside Lounge to add your exhibit and/or show to their website, and any email blasts they send out.
  • You can also have invites created. If you want help designing a postcard visit

Some Perks

  • We often feature Fireside Lounge Artists in our email blast that goes out to over 2000 local art lovers (When applicable).
  • Your art may be chosen to be featured on Digifli, a community digital bulletin board  (When applicable).
  • To reach even more people please friend us on Facebook & instagram so we can help you promote your exhibit.
  • We often share your work on social media.  Feel free to tag us in related posts. @artpushorg @studio23gallery
  • Join our active art group on Facebook where we post ongoing art events in the Alameda area. 

Organizations (Art Organizations; Photography clubs, Schools, etc)

  • A discounted holding fee of $60 (for all three walls) is due 2 months prior to hanging. (or earlier if possible)
  • One person from the organization should be made the main point of contact with ArtPush throughout the sign-up process.
  • Just like artists, an art organization is responsible for hanging and selling their own work.