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Current Call For Art:

Alameda Island Brewing Company | Fireside Lounge | Open Studios 



 LED and BlackLight Art Show 2023

-Studio 23 takes 30% commission so price with that in mind. 

-Opening Reception: Friday, October 27th

– Form Submission Deadline: October 10th

-Painting Drop-off: October 15th 2:30pm

LED Sculptures / Outdoor Indoor setup in lot day-of-show Fri Oct 27th – we will coordinate with staging areas based on time and space. 

– Closing Reception Friday, December 8th

-Pick-Up: Dec 8th after closing, 9pm

Submit Application Form


 Studio 23 10 Year Anniversary: East Bay Artists Exhibit Call For Art


Studio 23 will be hosting the East Bay Artists Exhibit and ArtPush Fundraiser for their 10 year Anniversary Closing Reception.

– Artworks will be shown at galleries Studio 23, 3 Dot Art Gallery & The Red Door.

Important Date Change!

Show Date: May 20th more details TBA RSVP
Closing June 16th 7pm-9pm RSVP

 Open Studios @ Studio 23

Studio 23’s Open Studio

Join us Friday’s at 7PM For The Friday Art Walk IN PERSON!

Studio 233 Dot & The Red Door will be open EVERY Friday between 7PM-9PM. We encourage you to bring your latest art projects and make art with us. Check individual galleries for exact hours.

Studio 23 Gallery Open Studio: We encourage artists to bring their recent project and make some art with us. That is where we are at right now, getting back to what we love. We have large tables, water, access to a sink and plenty of room outside to spread out. Let’s make art together outside before it gets too cold! If you have any questions email us at [email protected]

Coronavirus Update: Thank you for the support over the last two years. As galleries begin to open up, please check in with each one individually to find out what their Covid mandates are. We hope the Art Talks helped you get through it! I know they helped us.  Visit Art Talk Archives!

Visit the 2nd Friday Art Walk Facebook Page for details on all Alameda and Jingletown Art Shows.  Also be sure to check out WABA & The Point! There are a lot of amazing things happening in Alameda right now.

2nd Friday Art Talks are temporarily on break while we make new plans. 

Call For Art: General Instructions


  • Artists must be present at their opening reception.
  • Work will be displayed for the duration of that particular show.
  • Number of pieces is specified per show.
  • We accept sculpture, installation, interactive, photography and all visual art for shows.
  • Only original work on the walls.  No prints.
  • If your work has been selected please include an artist bio at drop off.
  • If showing at the gallery do not include your personal venmo information on the bio or tags.  The work is sold through the gallery.
  • If showing at local businesses like Fireside or Alameda Island Brewing Company then you will want to include your venmo information on your tags and bio.  They work is sold through each individual  artist.

AGE: Any place serving alcohol, artists will need to be 21 and up.  Studio 23 Gallery has a “Junior Spotlight” that allows for those under 18 to submit.


  • Most original work typically sells for under $500. There are exceptions, but most sales are between $75 and $150.  If you are expecting to sell your work for over $1000 then this is probably the wrong venue. Note: We also do occasionally have sculpture, special exhibit and installation work priced over the average price range.
  • Studio 23 Gallery takes 30%, no holding fee.
  • ArtPush locations like Fireside and Alameda Island Brewing Co. require a $25 holding fee, no commission is taken.

How to apply and submit digital submissions for an upcoming show:

Digital Submissions = Emailed photograph of work in jpg format
For your work to be considered for an upcoming show it will need to be gallery ready before the drop off date. See more about how to be “Gallery Ready”.

If you have already read the guidelines and are ready to send your entry/entries, Email Submission Now To: art at alameda artists dot com
*Not following the instructions below may cause your work to not be considered.


 —Naming Your Files— 
Properly naming your files allows for us to archive and reference your image quickly.   No spaces, no special characters.  See example below.

Digital File Specs (aka your emailed submissions)
For each piece you would like to submit please include: ‘Artist’, ‘Title’ ‘Medium’ and ‘Size’  & ‘Price’ directly in the file name when saving your image.
Example:  JessicaWarren-ChildBride-Ink-11×14-85.jpg


Note: Digital (emailed) submissions should remain 72dpi and under 8×10 in size, please do not send us GIANT files, try to keep them under 3MB each. A standard digital photo from a smart phone is usually around this size. .jpg format please.


—General Email Example—
Emailed Submission Guidelines

Email To: art at alameda artists dot com
*We do not put the full email address here because spam bots scrape pages – (just sound it out… the at is @ – its an email address).

Email Subject: “Title of Current Studio 23 Gallery Show” or “Location” Art Submission.

Email Subject Examples
Gallery Show Example:
Studio 23 BlackLight Art Submission  Location Example: Fireside Art Submission
Please use this in your email’s subject.  If you submitted and have not heard back feel free to reach out to us.  Sometimes emails get lost or archived into spam. Using (“Title of Current Show” art submission) as your subject will help ensure that it actually reaches us.

Note: Due to the high number of submissions we receive for shows we do not always reply to every entry. We appreciate your entry and your efforts.  We will do our best to reach out to every artist personally.  If you have not heard from us after submitting and have concerns that your entry was missed please email us to check on the status.

Email Content: What the email content should look like.

Submission #1
Title: Red Balloon
Artist: Jessica Warren
Media: Ink
Price: $150
Size: 11×14

Submission #2
Title: Mannequin
Artist: Jessica Warren
Media: Acrylic on Mannequin Torso
Price: $400
Size: 25×40
Notes: Displayed on small light pedestal, 6.3″ diameter x 11.75″ high

Note: Please remember to name your jpegs appropriately.

—End of Digital Submission Email Example—

Gallery Ready: How to prepare artwork for display

This step is ONLY for approved submissions.

wire   canvassides

All artwork for openings, receptions & special events must be provided Gallery Ready:

* Ready to hang with wires, hardware, properly attached.  All wall pieces must have a strong hanging wire or other hanging mechanism attached to the back.

* If it is on canvas, usually the sides will be painted.

* Photographs & Digital Art must be at a minimum 300dpi, framed and ready to hang.
(No 72 dpi or low res images please.  Make sure you are using the raw file.)

Note: Artwork submitted incorrectly may be eliminated from the show even if you have been approved via email.  It is hard for us to always determine if your work is gallery ready via email.

——————–End Gallery Ready Section—————————-

(This section does not apply to Studio 23 Gallery art shows!)
Follow the individual instructions per Call For Art. 
Some locations use wire and hook and others use nail and hammer method.  Make sure you know!

If hanging your own work:

  • Always align the tops of your work and keep spacing in-between the work equal. 
  • Place your tag to the bottom right corner of your frame/art.
  • Make sure your bio and payment information is placed in a highly visible area.

Create Tags and Print Forms

This step is only taken if… your work has been accepted for a show.
All artwork must first be submitted via email per show, see instructions above.

*  For accepted artworks, completed tags should be dropped off (or hung when applicable) with your artwork.  * Two tags for each piece submitted.  One will stay on the back of the painting, one will go on the wall next to it.
* Lightly tape both tags to the back of your work.  Blue painters tape works best.

*  Forms (Waivers) must be signed, photographed (a picture with your cell is fine) and emailed to  art at alameda artists dot com


* Studio 23 Gallery is the only venue that takes 30% commission on artwork. Note: Please make sure you consider the Studio’s 30% when pricing.
* ArtPush public location rotations require a $25 holding fee, no commission is taken.
* ArtPush public location art requires Venmo or Paypal sign with payment information and a cell number where the buyer can reach you. These locations do not sell your work for you.  You are in charge of collecting your own money and getting the art to the buyer.  Each call for art has specified instructions.

Q: How much should I price my work?
A: Artwork prices vary. The majority of our art sells between the range of $80-$150. However, work has sold for as much as $1300.  If you want your work to move, price accordingly. We have, but typically do  not show work priced over $2000.

The only prints allowed would be high quality, signed, framed giclée’s.

* High quality giclée’s sell from around $100 to $300 or more.  The galleries standard commission on giclée’s is same as originals, 30%.  Giclée’s. require their own individual artist’s tag as well. 

 *Note: If you have been accepted for a show, please be sure to bring your artist bio.  Bios are prepared differently depending on the location, be sure to read your call for art instructions. 


Contact us: 

The Studio 23 space is available to rent for classes, solo exhibits and special events.
To rent the gallery space please send all inquiries to [ art at alamedaartists dot com ] w/ subject “Rent Studio 23 Space”.
Please provide us with as much detail about your event as possible.  Someone will get back to you shortly.

Owners: Wesley E. Warren/ Jessica Warren
Email: art at alamedaartists dot com (Preferred method of contact)
Phone: 415.580.2309
Snail Mail: 2309B Encinal Ave. Alameda, CA  94501

2022 Call For Art: ATTN #eastbay #bayarea #oakland #sanfrancisco #berkeley #alameda

Thanks for your interest in showing with ArtPush

Before submitting to a show please review the submission guidelines.

Here is a rough outline of our upcoming annual shows at Studio 23 Gallery.

– –
Friday Open Studios: This is a new and  loosely put together show of artists in the community.
100 UNDER 100: 1st Sunday of July
Alameda Summer Art Fair & Maker Market vendors: 1st SUNDAY, JULY
Halloween Blacklight Art Show: Usually held the Saturday before Halloween
East Bay Art Book:

Other shows TBA

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