Figure Drawing

Figure drawing sessions are held the 3rd Friday of every month at Studio 23.  Students must pre-register at

We are located in Alameda, California.  Sessions are 3 hours.  All levels are welcome.  Get exact details and register at

The DL

Arriving Late:
We lock to door to the studio to protect the privacy of the model. Wait outside, we will open the door on the models first break.

Cell Phones:
No Photography Permitted
No Cell phones or mobile devices can be used in the studio.

Bathroom / Breaks:
We have regular breaks through-out the session. Use that time to get drinks, stretch, bathroom, etc.

$20 Per Person. Must be pre-paid online to ensure there is room for everyone.

See the official website event page for refund information.

We are a small self funded art studio. Most of the fee goes to pay the model.

We have a couple extra easles and ususally there is an extra sketch pad laying around. Ideally you will bring your own easle and art supplies.

Feel free to sketch, paint, charcoal, ink, whatever floats your boat.

We have limited supplies for those of you that need them.

Clean Up:
There is a restroom and sink to use for clean up.

Get more details on meetup:

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