2018 Update:  We did it!  The CAP has been removed, the Martine tradition requirements removed and the whole process is now transparent and open to all local artists!

Thanks for helping us make this happen for our town!


Stay tuned for what’s next!

Alameda City Hall, Santa Clara Ave and Oak St, Alameda, CA

Join us to help Alameda come alive with art and creativity. It is important to the artists, it is important to the bay area. It is important we don’t give up. We all need to be a part of this to succeed. We need the support of the community. We all need to work together to keep art alive in Alameda!

New Dates: TBA

* Alamedans for a Fair and Open Public Arts Fund

Alameda Coalition for the Arts is a local advocacy group comprised of creators, venues, and citizens (aka YOU!) with a shared goal — to foster and promote more performing and visual art in Alameda. Through this shared vision, we hope to increase exposure for local artists and provide a platform to have their voices heard to create a more vibrant community.


* Help foster and promote more visual and performing arts in Alameda

* Increase exposure for local artists

* Create a more vibrant community


* New developers are required to submit to the city art fund. Just like San Francisco and Oakland we would like the cap removed.

* We would like a fair and transparent RFP process. That means opening the doors for more local artists to contribute to locally funded city art projects, such as murals and other types of city funded art projects.

* Right now the focus has been limited to Martine tradition. We would like to Branch out from that and show more diverse artistic alternatives.

Join us at our next city hall meeting!